Services and history

We have been serving the RS community for over a decade, and throughout our journey, we we noticed that the #1 priority of our all clients is safety. Check out our reviews.

We have made it our mission to stand out from the crowd and prioritize the safety of our customers. Unlike other account providers, we have built a dedicated team of skilled professionals who meticulously hand-train each account we sell. This approach ensures that every account we offer has no previous owners, comes with full recovery information and is leveled up with the utmost care and attention to detail, making it the safest option available in the market.


We take pride in delivering high-quality accounts that have been meticulously trained for hundreds or even thousands of hours. To achieve this, we have built a diverse team of skilled individuals hailing from countries such as Venezuela and Ukraine. By employing these dedicated professionals, we are able to provide them with excellent wages for their respective regions, while simultaneously keeping our account prices low. Accounts are trained remotely on servers based in Europe. This unique approach allows us to maintain the perfect balance of affordability and quality, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional value with every purchase.